What Burna Boy’s Mother Had To Say About Being Dropped As His Manager

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You remember when it made the headlines and all the news. “Burna Boy fires his Mother”, and everyone was going on and on about Burna Boy having no respect, and his choice to announce it via twitter. Who we actually never heard from is his mother. He did say their relationship was still intact, and that he was glad to have his mother back. In an interview with Punch newspaper, here’s a piece of what she had to say about the whole fiasco.

“I was not in the country when the story broke and I have said I would not make any comment on it because it is totally unimportant. Whether I am his manager or not, he is my child and there is no role bigger than that. I am so shocked about how people made a big deal of the issue. I am not a musician or an entertainer, so I don’t owe anyone an explanation but he has done enough.

They should just leave the poor boy alone. I am not a twitter reading person; I talk to him on a daily basis, so I am not interested in what is on twitter. I have absolutely no problem with my child and as far as his career goes, I still do what I have to do. I still do everything I used to do but I cannot always do everything. I was out of the country for about eight weeks, how much can I do? There is no issue with us and there is no reason to feel anyhow. It is something we discussed and I still do what I have to do, I still manage some of his accounts, transactions and endorsements but I can’t do everything.”

So it looks like we were all making a big deal out of nothing really. We quite like her response though. For those who wear thinking it’s all doom and gloom with them, we know that it’s not the case.

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