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The Green BFF “Security Test” On Facebook (Here Is The Fact)


The Green BFF “Security Test” On Facebook (Here is the Fact)

There are some trending posts on Facebook claiming that typing the word ‘BFF” into the comments of such Facebook posts will reveal if your account is in danger of being “hacked”.

The post claims that if the letters BFF appear in green, it means your account is safe but if it does not, it means your account is at risk of being hacked. An example of such posts is below:

While the social media giant has not officially commented on the matter, tech sites have debunked the claim that typing out a green BFF means your account is secure.

 Myth-busting site Snopes said in an article on Thursday that the claim is false.

“The origin of the claim remains unclear, but like many other rumours about Facebook features, it spread far and fast,” said Snopes.

The typing of the term appears to trigger an animation. However, it is not an indication of account security.

Additionally, if you typed the word and it did not turn green, it does not mean your account has been compromised. Rather, it is more likely due to browser settings, Snopes said.

The feature is called “Text Delight“, and there are several commands that can be typed in for a variety of animations, according to tech news site TechNave.

After typing in a command that activates an animation, there is a “remove text effects” feature linked to your comment.

Online publishing site Medium.com provides a list of several possible commands and animations.

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These include “congratulations”, which triggers an animation of confetti, and “best wishes”, which prompts an animation of two hands releasing colourful shapes that float upwards.

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