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The Etiquette Of Love 


Love can be measured in terms of passion, commitment, and intimacy. And there are different types of love relationships: romantic, fervent, comfortable, and committed. Is your partnership as strong and passionate as you’d like it to be? How best to keep your love growing and maturing? This list of Love Etiquette Tips will help you nurture and develop your relationship.

  • Be a good listener. Nothing extinguishes the flames of love more than feeling unappreciated and unheard.
  • Understand your partner’s personality type and keep it in mind when trying to communicate. For example, the way you should talk to a loved one with a creative mind is totally different from the way you would talk to someone with a more analytic bent. 
  • Show respect and commitment at all stages of your relationship. Whether you’re newlyweds or have been married 10, 20, or 50 years, don’t assume that your spouse always knows how you feel. Make implicit things explicit
  • Learn to give praise and acknowledge your partner. Remember, we also have esteem needs before we reach self-actualization—the highest level of achievement and development. The closer we bring our “real self” to the “ideal self,” the closer we get to completing our life journey!
  • Resolve your differences with respect and dignity for all regardless of the issue at hand. Consider inviting a third-party mediator for assistance.
  • Master your voice and tone when expressing questions or worries about your relationship. If you’re not careful, you may sound angry rather than concerned. Keep in mind that 38 percent of our message is conveyed through tone, 55 percent through body language, and only 7 percent by the words we choose. 
  • Keep your relationship healthy by focusing on what is important. Don’t suffocate your love relationship with problems and demands. Successful partnerships thrive when people like each other as friends, know how to resolve issues constructively, and don’t hold grudges for years. Choose your battles wisely.
  • Show affection and appreciation by writing love-you, thank-you, miss-you, and need-you notes! According to the world’s leading psychologists, the need to feel needed and connected to others is the third strongest human instinct.
  • Allow your fun inner child to come out and play. Be creative in planning surprises and come up with novel ideas to keep your relationship fresh and exciting!
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