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Please Help!  I Want To Stop Calling Him 


Please Help!  I Want To Stop Calling Him 

He blocked my line from getting my calls,  I went ahead to buy another line,  he did again and I bought another.
This is a problem I have been dealing with. We dated for 5 years before he told me one evening that he can’t continue with our relationship.

It was like a joke.  It was a bad thing to though. He disconnected himself from me,  changed his number and remove and blocked me from on all social media.

After about six months I decided to check him up through a friend account.  Although he has changed his name I was able to  recognize his account.

On the profile  is a picture of him and his wife. He just got married, that was the biggest surprise if my life.
I reached to one of his friends who gave me his new number and begged me never to let anyone know that he gave me the number.

And since that day I have been calling him, the first time I called him he was so surprised and he told me never to call him again.

But it seems i can’t let go, although he is married,  I can’t just stop thinking about him.  And it seems only his voice can create a piece within me.

there were times when i call and it was his wife that  answered the phone.  she always start her conversation with, “This woman, stop disturbing my family” she must have told his wife about me, and actually things that are not true about me.

Even when he shout at me, I still feel so much relieved. I just want to talk to him all the time. I have been doing this for almost a year now. And i wonder why I am in the bondage.

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Please advise me, what can I do, to let go of this man and continue with my life like I never knew him? 

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