Onions “The New Bitcoin” by Dare Akintade

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It has been fascinating seeing all these memes regarding the prices of onions, A particular memes is about a guy reading a book title: How to cook without Onion and the other asking if someone would rather be paid in onions or Bitcoin. The current price is badt, abi how do you say it, imagine five piece of ordinarily “Albasa”, “Alubosa”. Five for One Five hundred Naira.

So do we stop cooking with onions? Hell no, even if it’s one for N500, we go still buy even if na to double hustle. I can’t imagine a Nigeria meal without onion o. Petro cost, abi, motor finish for road?. Na everything for Naija, e go easy soon, when all these policy dey for place start dey yield.

Today epistle is not about onions, petrol price or scoring cheap goal politically. Since long I have decided to be apolitical. Someday I know our government and the constituted authorities will get things right as I said earlier.

Somebody shout ” Constituted Authority”.😁

Back to the topic, As onion is the star ingredients of mostly Nigeria meal, so is money the basic requirements for everything human on this planet. we need it to get mostly everything done. And you all know the extent how Naija people can look for it. E easy?

It can be easy. If you are interested in a sure way to make money in this era. Well, I don’t know anything about crypto, nothing much about real estate (if you don’t have millions don’t try) and It’s not blood money or ritual.

But I sure know a gold mine, It’s Aquaculture.

It’s double the IT of the millennium. The forecast is that many individual will become millionaires raring fish or providing services in the industry.

I will take you on my shoulder personally and show you the benefit of farming fish in this crucial time if you are interested.

Having gained immensely for more than a decade farming fish, though we can’t call ourselves the constituted authorities yet will have gathered a lot of experiences during these time which can contribute a lot to your success.

During lockdown, we farmers were not lockeddown. We were all out saving lives by getting food to the right places. The health workers walk tall and so we did, our goods becomes essential.

Somebody look up the word ESSENTIAL.

About financial gain too, It’s one of the time farmers are true Kings, obvious in price of onion, so is the fish or any other agro products. It’s easier now to farm at the background now and make much more money than people going from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Money to buy any amount of onions no go be problem if you don’t mind going on a journey with us.


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