Lyrics: Banky W – Made For You

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Banky W – Made For You (Lyrics)



Banky W – Made For You (Lyrics)

Verse 1
Baby i have been searching for my only one
and you make me feel like now my life has just began
am so glad thet i found you now, my world is done
and its a perfect mathematics when two becomes one
baby you are the air that i breathe
baby come and complete me
wetin i go do, if e no be you
you and i were meant to be baby …

Just like the stars were made to light the sky
and like the pretty birds were made to fly
like the sun was made to shine
and the moon was made for the night
like the sky is blue…

Baby i was made for you
i was made for you
you were made for me
baby cant you see?
That i was made for you (2ce)

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