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Maria has become Head of House (HOH) in the fourth week of BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’. This gives her immunity from eviction and nomination this week. Immediately, she chose Boma to be her deputy. However recall that Maria is banned from the HOH lounge which means only Boma and a guest he chooses have access to the lounge. Boma chose Jackie B to be his guest.

Now the twist. Biggie calls Maria privately to inform her that there will be no nominations, no public votes and no evictions this week! He tells her that she shouldn’t disclose this to the other housemates but convince them that eviction on Sunday will be decided by her. That is, the two housemates who impress Maria the least would be evicted on Sunday by her. Remember that this is all fake to try to get the housemates to impress Maria.

Honestly, I think Maria would be a great actress. She came into the common room crying and acting sad as she disclosed to the housemates that evictions would be up to her this weekend. And of course, a couple of housemates tried to comfort her, obviously trying to get on her good side and avoid eviction.

How do you think Maria’s game with Biggie will affect her reputation once other housemates find out it was a trick? Let us know in the comments below.

You can also watch the video below for the latest highlights of BBNaija.

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