Keeping up with BBnaija | Clashing everywhere: Whitemoney vs Pere | Maria vs Queen

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Whitemoney and Pere quarreled bitterly last night which led to a serious confrontation between both BBNaija contestants. Later on, Queen and Maria had an open confrontation as well.

Leading up to the fight, the housemates were playing a game were each person spoke into each other’s ears. However, Pere wasn’t satisfied with the game and requested be told the original question Whitemoney asked. Everyone laughed it off thinking that was the end of it until Pere came back to confront Whitemoney again. Pere’s bully-like behaviour was not amusing anymore to Whitemoney who got fed up and exchanged harsh words with him. It almost escalated into a fist fight between them if not for restraint from other housemates. Maria tried to intervene but it all ended in threats between the quarreling parties.

Not too long after, Maria tried to address the housemates explaining that she did not support anybody during the Whitemoney vs Pere clash. She said this in view of what Queen commented about the situation. Queen responded by saying Maria never liked her and it will be better for both of them if they avoid each other henceforth.

They didn’t stop insulting each other back and forth till the confrontation got very heated. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates from the house.

You can watch all the clashes in highlights below

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