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Hip Hop Acts In Nigeria That Seem To Have Gone Into Oblivion(simply Disappeared)




I have followed the modern Nigerian music industry from time immemorial, Nigerian hip-hop specifically. I can
boast of my vast knowledge on this.

So, I have been thinking… Whatever happened to some of these guys we believe die’ back then? I want answers from those of you who are also deep in the game. Ok, Some of them
musicians are highlighted below:

RUFF RUGGED AND RAW – The hottest hardcore rap group in Nigeria, Ruff, Rugged and Raw, made up of two
brothers, “B-RITE” (Kingsley Ayovunaduo) and“HANGMAN” (David Ayovunaduo), has taken the radio and
club scene in London by storm with the club banging single “WETIN DEY,” produced by Paul Play (C.E.O.

they did lots of collabos with Paul play single FOREVER and with the MTV award wining 2face Idibia, 9ice (Plantation Boyz) and many more. .. but since then… yeah, you guessed right. Thin

TIMI ( DA TRYBE) – Remember Timi of the defunct DaTribe? The ‘free me’artist? Timi can be classified
amongst artistes that came after the first onslaught of this present wave of Nigerian music.

A member of d trybe collective, that offshoot of theTrybesmen responsible for that feel good jam of the early 2ks ‘Oya’,Timi would go on to score some solo points of his own with‘Na Flash’- an ode to the high tariffs and peculiarities of owners of the then newly acquired GSM(does anybody stillsay geezm?) phones.

Timi’s name would ring for a bit in 2004 then… halt! Disappeared into thin air.C-mion – “Girl the way you shake it, you don’t even break it, you making me want more, lalalalalala….” Then…thin air!

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SIX FOOT PLUS – Most of us know him… loved him.‘Anwuli’ was an anthem, especially in Abuja. He had the
height, the swag… and then, thin air!

B.O.U.Q.U.I – Born Bukola Folayan to HRH OBA (prof)Ololade Folayan 1st, also a professor of Biochemistry and
a professional teacher mother, she alongside her other five siblings grew up in an academic atmosphere of the
Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife) and this served as a big influence for her deep lyrical style and cosmopolitan

The album titled B.O.U.Q.U.I was her debut and the album can be referred to as a two in one package due to the fact that it contains a record breaking fourteen tracks and four skits, the highest by any debutante in the Nigerian music industry. Bla blab la bla,and she just disappeared.

KASH 11 – Born Ojutiku Azeez Olanrewaju popularly known as KASH-11{kash-imawo “kash”,while the 11 from the
tribal mark on his face}.was born, raised in Lagos island, Lagos state, Nigeria.

The “I AM LAGOS ISLAND Jooooo”crooner started rapping in 1994, form a group called D-L-B with his brothers Dapo Balogun a.k.a DJ METHALIC and Bayo Balogun a. k. a BRASSBELL . He was a rave at somepoiint in 2008 – 2011… Now nko? Story.

X-Appeal – Jazzman Olofin and Lexy Doo were known as the X-Appeal. That was in 2000. The group was better
known for the hit song, Baby Skeske, a number from their maiden and only album, which was released in 2001.

X-Appeal broke off with the members going solo. While Lexy Doo seem to have completely faded out of the music
scene, his ex-partner is still struggling to remain relevant by recording a few unsuccessful albums in the last few

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ZULE ZOO– Ibrahim Alhassan and Michael Aboh, two multi-talented young Nigerians, founded the group known
as Zule Zoo. Many music fans found it difficult to ignore this group, whose lyrical creativity and bias for a style
that is deeply rooted in Nigerian culture was exceptional.

Zule Zoo’s first hit song, Kerewa, which brought them instant fame across Africa, was banned by the Nigerian Censor’s Board because it was deeply laced with sexual innuendos.

Nobody knows exactly what led to the break-up of Zule Zoo. But it was rumored that Aboh was afflicted with madness for his role in the composition of a particular song that had offended a deity in his home
town in Benue State.

Styl-Plus – Originally known as STYL, this group was formed in 1997 in Abuja and comprised four members. In
1999, after the death of Lanre Faneyi, Zeal Onyecheme joined the group and it was renamed Styl-Plus. In 2002,
Yemi Akinwonmi left the group to pursue another career. Styl-Plus’s maiden album was a great hit. The second
album did not do so well in the market, and now… thin air!

EDDIE REMEDY – Do I really need to introduce Eddie Montana, Eddie Brown? Chai. I believed this guy then sha
oo. His voice was golden. Songs like ‘shakamo’ ‘shade’..Hmmm… what kennis music did to you my brother. Eya…
Thin air!

TONY TETUILA – Anthony[b][/b] Olanrewaju Awotoye, better known as Tony Tetuila, is an Afro hip hop artist
from Nigeria. His name, Olanrewaju, means “My wealth is the future”.

Formerly a member of The Remedies (along with Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Montana), he split with the group and has been successful as a solo artist with his biggest hits like ‘my car’, ín love with 2 women’.Tony Tetuila’s music career now is… zero.

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And abeg, don’t tell me he’s old na. 2face nko? Anyway, he emerged in 2014 running as a politician for Kwara State’s House of Assembly under APC party, but chickened out at the end.

SASHA P – Sasha came into the limelight at a time when there were very few Nigerian women in Hip Hop music.
Subsequently, her success helped pave the way for other female rappers and musicians in Nigerian hip hop.

She began musical collaborations and was signed in to eLDee’s Trybe records.[8][9] Sasha was the most prominent
female artists in Nigeria in the 2000’s, especially after the successful release of her debut album “First Lady”
under her record label STORM.

She has been nominated for various awards in Nigeria and abroad, but we cannot deceive ourselves.. her music isn’t there no more.


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