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6 Methods That Men use in Breaking Ladies’ Hearts


There are so many ways Men of this generation indulge into for carrying out there wicked act, I will list 6 out of it so ladies watch out and be very careful so that you won’t be a victim.

Method 1

The Man can arrange and bring his next lady into his house when he expects you. When you come in he will start fondling her in your presence introducing her as her Girlfriend, at this moment he has passed the message to you that it is over between you guys.

Method 2

In this method, the man will use his parents as an excuse that they don’t like her or that his parents said they can’t allow him to marry her for no concrete reason and when you hear this, you need nobody to tell you to find your way.

Method 3

The Man can just accuse you of something you didn’t do and get stick to it. He can accuse you of going to a party kissing and fondling a guy knowing well that you didn’t do it but just because he wanted to see you leave the relationship he will stick to the lies and build a wall around it and all your plead will fall into the deaf ear.

Method 4

The Man can just wake up one day and decide to condemn a particular character in you.He may tell you that you talk too much, you don’t respect elders, you are a bad cook, your dressing are not modest enough and he will tell you his sorry that he cannot marry a lady that possesses all those characters and he will stick to those condemnation until you guys part way.

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Method 5

This can be elopement. A man who has planned in his heart to break up with you can elope with a girl to another state or country without telling the other lady and get married there. By the time you know what has happened, nobody will tell you before you move on.

Method 6

The Man can use your educational background as an excuse knowing fully well that you didn’t go to school before u started courting you but because of is intentions to chase you away, he will use that as a criteria to chase you away.

In conclusion, it is painful after all your sacrifice,love care and hard work to keep him as your one and only they still come up with 1 or 2 excuses to break up with you, you ladies need to be extra careful with wolves in sheep clothing.


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