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5 Types Of Guys You Will See At The Bar In Lagos


4 The “Science Student” Guys

They are the guys Olamide refers to as science students. mixing chemicals together. they just want to get a result that will have adverse effects on their body system.

you will see these type of guys mixing unimaginable contents together for the sake of getting high.
they know the result you will get when you mix some certain drinks together.

They are always the first to catch the scope of the latest drinks in town, and what you can mix with it to achieve something different.

5 The “Soft drink” guys

These are another types of guys that you will see at the bar in Lagos. they always look so calm and innocent, they always come with friends drinking alcoholic drinks.
but you will only see them drinking soft drinks. funny enough most are always the one to clear the bill. are you one of this guys or the “science student guys” ?

Which of these types of guys do you belong to? If yours is not mentioned let us know in the comment section


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