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5 Types Of Guys You Will See At The Bar In Lagos


5 Types Of Guys You Will See At The Bar In Lagos

5 Types Of Guys You Will See At The Bar In Lagos

These guys can be funny, weird or crazy, these piece talk about them, check out the below the 5 Types Of Guys You Will See At The Bar In Lagos

1 The “One beer bottle” football fanatic guys

you will see them at the big bars. the ones that have big tvs and show football regularly to attract customers.

The “One beer bottle” football fanatic guy has done his math and compare the cost of watching the match at viewing centers where there will be noise and heat.and he has decide to go for a conducive environment, where he will be spending almost the same money on a bottle of drink to last him for 90 minutes or more while enjoying the match in a relaxed atmosphere.

I dont know how its possible for a bottle of beer to last for 90 minutes and more when there is exta time, lol
but these type of guys do this and its funny, just to beat the hotel/bar order that prohibits people that doesnt buy anything from the premisies they will buy one bottle of beer and drink it for 90 minutes and more.

2 The Yahoo guys spending Lavishly

You will know them when you see them. yeah, big chains. It could be original or fake.
but they make sure its bling bling.

the maga just pay, and they are at the bar to spend lavishly, they want to buy the bar. they will buy different type of drinks, even the ones that they cant finish drinking.
you will see them making noise and bragging of wealth. they are one of the 5 type of guys you will see at the bar in Lagos.

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3 The “Mr Familiarity” Free drink guys

You will see them greeting everybody up and down, and meanwhile they don’t even know 99 percent of them from Adam.

doing all the eye service just to get free drinks. they are better known as “owo epo” or “Gbenu si” .
these type of guys can be frustrating because they just want to be your friend by all means.

But i still wonder how someone could be hanging around the bar with no intention of buying anything and waiting for someone to buy for him.

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