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5 Things You Should Have In Your Car


All those who have their own car know that a driver’s life is full of unpredictable situations. Sometimes just one tool can become a life-jacket for any emergency situation. Today we’ll come through a list composed of 5 items every driver should carry in the trunk of the car. Buy these items and thousands of other car accessories and parts on Jiji to save time and money while shopping for high quality goods.
1. Jumper cables
Even if your car is equipped with the most expensive battery, keep in mind that it’s not immune to an occasional breakdown, where you won’t be even able to start your car. If you don’t want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to come along and help you move, keep a set of jumper cables in your car. Don’t forget to practice using them – Youtube may not be available during your trip!


2. Tire pressure gauge
Unlike a set of jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge is not a tool that should only be used in case of emergency. On the contrary – monitoring your tire pressure and keeping it in an optimum condition helps you save fuel, make your tires last longer, improve car handling, and even avoid a road accident. Proper air pressure in your tires is a parameter you should always check before leaving.

3. Spare tire
A flat tire is one of the most common things that can happen to a driver, which means you should be prepared for this kind of emergency. Some cars come with a spare tire and a place to store it, others require you do get one and find suitable storage space – in any case, a spare tire is a guarantee that you won’t spend hours by your car on the side of the road while someone gets to you with a spare tire.

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4. Owner’s manual
It doesn’t matter if you’ve owned your car for a couple of months or for two decades: there is no way to know everything that can happen to your car and ways to resolve those situations. That is why you should always have the manual with you to easily diagnose the problem and find the easiest solution. The problem may turn out much less serious than you thought, and the only way to know for sure is to check the manual.

5. Multi-tool
A high quality multi-tool is an essential item not only for drivers, but also for every adult. Depending on the type of the multi-tool you have, you can cut ropes and cables, screw and unscrew bolts, file sharp objects, open bottles, and do dozens of other tasks that can appear while you’re on the road.


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