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5 Mistakes Parents Make That Exposes Children To S3xual Abuse


Indecent Dressing
It is surprising that some parents dress for their children are such a manner whereby their sensitive parts are exposed. Recently, I spotted a young girl in my neighbourhood wearing a mini skirt.

Why would a right thinking parent wear a mini skirt for an 8-year-old girl? So that she will look sexy? Or what? It is important to note here that children are not meant to look sexy or ‘hawt’. Children are meant to look beautiful or handsome.

Some parents even wear make up for their girl child all in the name of birthday celebration or children party. I wonder what that’s supposed to mean when we all know the excessive use of makeup makes the face age fast.

Parents, please spare the sexiness till your child grows to become an adult and can choose what he or she wants.

Foul Use of Language:

Some parents freely use foul language in the presence of their kids. Fu ck this shit! What da fu ck is wrong with this guy among others unprintable words without showing concern about the effect this might have on their children.
You wonder how this expose your children to s3xual abuse right? Ask children brought up in homes whereby the parents don’t.

Lame Identification of Body Parts
Some parents ignorantly use funny names to identify sensitive parts of the body. For crying out loud, the p3nis is not ‘kokoro’ while the buttocks are not ‘tomtom.’ The more you use coded names for these private parts the more your child will be shy to tell you an uncle touched him or her there.

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Erotic Music Videos and Movies:

The more skiborobo skibo kind of music video you watch in the presence of your kids, with s3xy unclad ladies on display, the more you make your children prone to s3xual abuse.
Yes! When all we see in music videos nowadays is only naked and scantily dressed ladies, you might want to think twice about the next music video your child watches.

Leaving Children alone with strangers:

Recently there was this news of a house help that raped his boss’ three daughters. Now, the question is, why will a man leave his three daughters to be in the custody of a MALE house help. This is like giving free sheep to a hungry wolf to feed on.

It is important to note also that some children are just wayward and needs close monitoring.
Some people might be of the opinion that these tips highlighted above may not work in all cases. The overall important thing remains that to prevent a rape incident is better than handling the trauma that comes with having one’s child raped.

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