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My honest first impression on listening to 49-99 by Tiwa Savage is: THIS IS THE VOICE OF TIWA BUT THE SPIRIT OF BURNA.

I had to check the song title again to be sure I hadn’t missed “feat. Burna Boy” aswear.

No no! I have no problem with the lyrics.

It comes across as conscious music especially on her opening words “49 sitting 99 standing…” However, the Burna Boy style she uses doesn’t allow her unleash that savage vocal fire her fans have come to love over the years.

Truly, this song will sell Tiwa to non-Nigerian audiences and I feel that that indeed is her major target here. She’ll definitely attract international attention with this song because of the Fela/Burna feel it has.

However, I’m worried. Can she continue flying with this style without crashing mid-way? Without taking you on an unnecessarily long journey, your review pilot King kObOkO rates this one 99 – 49.

In other words, 99 minus 49 equals to 50%

Okay okay! I’ll add 10% to it just because Pheelz did a great job production-wise.

Don’t be shocked at the poor 60% rating for such an established act as Tiwa Savage.

If she had actually featured Burna Boy on this song instead of trying to be a female version of him, I would’ve given it a 75%

I just hope Tiwa doesn’t change her name to BURNA GIRL in the near future sha. *winks

Reviewed by: King Koboko

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  1. Haha.. Newbanger…. U are observant but too funny at the same time…. 😂 ….
    I don’t know why my country people still use that old fela partner…. Whereas we are in 21 century and suppose to be moving forward with changes in music pattern…… I wounder what she see in that Burna pattern that made her use it and dirty her video… Sorry thou! That Afro tune no sweet…. With that their Zanku tune in it.

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