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Music: Bob Mayor – Hang Around Me Day And Night


bob mayor - Hang around me day and night

After staying alone for so many years without a girl friend,As each and every year passes by the situation of the devastation caused by loneliness becomes so deteriorated to the extent that Mayor invited the guy in question to the club,but he did not want to come because he have the opinion that most girls in the club are bitches,but mayor told him that some girls are only in the club to have fun with their friends,and is not all the girls in the club that are bitches,he followed Mayor to the club,and he finally met the girl who just lost her boy friend to another girl,a girl who just cut off her relationship her self with a womanizer,a play boy,she was in the club the first time,with her friends in order to get rid of the pains she was going through.But the guy was not really sure if the girl he met in the club,could put an end to his lonely nights because of where he met the girl,but as time goes on he finally found out that the girl was also looking for a husband material,just like he was looking for a wife material,and she was only in the club for the fist time.Now he realized the girl is an angel sent from above to stop his lonely life.Simply because he knew how sad it was to be lonely,he could not afford a moment without the girl around,he told the girl to HANG AROUND HIM DAY AND NIGHT



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