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These are top signs that you are falling in love


Love doesn’t always come as movies portray them… but these signs are very true for most ladies when they are falling in love.

When a woman falls in love, she falls in love truly, so the saying goes.

But how does a woman know that she is indeed falling in love?

While there could be little variations in the experience of one woman and another, these five are often very common:

1. You can’t keep your eyes off him

Love often starts from attraction. It is either to the way he looks, or just the way he talks. A fascination builds, and as much as you’d love to try, you just find yourself stealing glances, or uncontrollably staring.

2. Can’t keep your mind off either

You’ll hardly be able to keep your eyes off him when he’s there, and when he’s not, you find your mind wandering to something he said or the way he smiled… and basically just as much as you can remember of him.

Often times, you find yourself smiling at these thoughts… you, lady, are so so falling in love already.

3. Special attention to your appearance

Your hair gets extra attention, your smile gets brighter, your face get an extra-careful beat.

Of course, you are doing these things to just look good as you always do, but you also know that a part of you wants to look very lovely for that new guy you just started falling for.

4. You kind of lose control of your words

When attraction towards a guy starts to build at the initial stage, many ladies often find themselves unable to control their speech. They either speak too much, or speak too little.

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*In Rihanna’s voice* Must be love on the brain…

5. Your time

Whether it’s on social media, or in the real world, you find yourself giving him as much of your time as possible.

You want to hang out with him, want to sit with him and discuss for long periods. heart-to-heart discussion with him might even please you more than time with your friends…

This happens to women a lot, and it’s just fine. It’s what happens when you’re falling in love.

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