Please Advice: Sugar Mummy Wants Me To Terminate My Wedding that Is Two Months Away,Offers Me 10 Million Naira and a Car

She told me forget the wedding that she would give me a car and 10 million Naira to start a business of mine. she said i can get married later but presently i should forget about getting married.

now i am stuck,i dont know what to do. should i walk away from the affairs or take the car and 10 million Naira to start my business?

A young man who want his identity undisclosed wrote to us about his present situation with a sugar mummy that want him to terminate his wedding that is just two months away.

He needs your advice and i am sure he will come on the comment section to pick from your advices.
his story read thus:

My Name is JOEY (Name Changed) i am 30 years old, my fiance is is in her final year in the university, although we had plans to get married when she is done with school, but she got pregnant, which i let her parent know and also my parent and we did the introduction and fix the wedding date.

i graduated from the university 5 years ago and i worked with a microfinace bank where i earn #150,00 thousand naira monthly before i lost my job 3 months ago, our wedding date was picked 3 months earlier.

little did i know that i am going to lose my job 3 months before the wedding date, this got me so depressed and i summon courage to act like a man and explore opportunities lying around.

I was checking through my Whatsaap messages and a very old old friend added me to a group, although i hate when people add me to groups without my consent but i decided to stick around and see what the group is all about.

the next day someone from the group uploaded an image and i downloaded the image to see what its all about, it was an advert for people willing to do marketing for a real estate company.

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There is an email address to contact for people that are interested. it seems to be what i am looking for and without hesitation i sent my CV to the email address.

It was on Friday. and i prayed throughout the weekend hoping to get a good response.

“Luckily” for me i was called on monday to come to ikoyi for interview on tuesday morning.
i was happy, i perpared my best dress, and i was ready to take anew job.

Tuesday morming came and i recieve a text few minutes after 6 that i shoudnt bother coming for the interview which is slated for 10:00 am but if am still willing to take the job i can come for a casuual meeting with the MD around 3:30 pm in the officess premises.

I felt relaxed knowing it still in the office premises and i decided to go there, on getting there , the reception took me to the Md Office , that was when i realized i came to see a woman.the first thing she said was that i look just exactly the same i look on Facebook.

I was shocked it was later that in know that she dug me up with the email that i provided in my resume.
if that’s a new trend among employers , i dont know.

She asked if i can drive and i said yes, she asked if i can drop her off at the closest bus top to her house, that her driver is sick and she is too lazy to drive back home.

I agreed, seeing the set up of the company, my feelings didn’t suspect anything evil.

I drove her to the nearest bustop, when i was about getting down, she handed me 50,00, thousand naira, that was almost half my salary at my former job.

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I wanted to reject it, but she said, its for my transport fare back home. she gave me her private number and asked me to message her on whatsaap but not call when i got home.

on getting home i messaged her just like she said, and thats how the romance begins.
that night we chat for amlost 2 hours, she asked about my background, the school i attended, i told her about my job that i just lost. and also about my pregnant fiance and my wedding that is just 2 months away.

She ended the conversation by asking if i am available to come to the office the next day so that i can drop her of at ther bustop again ? i typed yes, without delay.

the next day i went to her office to dop her, but instead of the bustop , she said she felt like hanging out before going home. she asked if i drink and i said yes and i noticed her ledt hand was resting on my tight. we got stucked in the rush hour traffic , that gave us enough time to talk and we started getting along together.

We got to her favorite hang out spot few minutes to six, she requested we go straight to the vip, she ordererd vodka, and we start drinking.we were there for almost one hour and suddenly she told me she is already feeling tipsy that we should start going home.

i noticed her words already slurring, so when we got to the car. she started sayings things i never expected. she said she likes me and she saw that i am single on my CV, and hearing that i am about to get married got her worried. she slept off, luckily i still remember her bustop.

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when i drove there , i had to wake her up to see if she had regained her control, she aswered and she recognized where we were. i asked if i should get down and go home so she can drive home but she said she cant drive that i should take her home instead.

To cut the the long story short, i ended up sleeping in her house and that night we had sex, I was nervous but something about it felt good. i left the following morning while she is still sleeping. she called me later that afternoon and she told me i am the best she ever had and she said she love that to continue.

we continue like that for a month ,she give me money, gift from time to time. she kept me looking good and she understands my needs without telling her, i told her its two months away from my wedding and that we need to stop the affairs so that i an focus on the preparations but she said she is enjoying the flow and that she can do anything to keep the whole thing going.

She told me forget the wedding that she would give me a car and 10 million Naira to start a business of mine. she said i can get married later but presently i should forget about getting i am stuck,i dont know what to do. should i walk away from the affairs or take the car and 10 million Naira to start my business?

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