6 Questions All Ladies ask Themselves The First Time They Have Casual $ex


Casual sex is basically when you and someone who aren’t dating do it. It’s somehow like friends with benefits but you people might not be friends and it could be just a one time thing. It’s not really a one night stand because a one night stand is done with strangers. Basically if you invited a girl from your church over to your place and you guys end up doing it that can be classified as casual se x.


1. WILL HE CALL ME AFTER TODAY? When it’s casual, he has no obligation to see you again. Every time you two sleep together, there’s a very real possibility that this could be the last time. You’re always going to wonder if it’s going to happen again, or if this was just a one-off thing. Does he like you enough to continue this, or are you just another notch in his belt?


2. HOW MANY OTHER CHICKS HAS HE DONE THIS WITH: You likely aren’t his one and only. He probably has a whole roster of other chicks he’s having se x with. It’s not a question of if there’s someone else, it’s more of a question of how many someone else’s are there. For your sake, you hope it’s not that many. or maybe you’re probably the only one, lets not quickly assume.


3. HOW LONG CAN I KEEP THIS UP: The inevitable will eventually happen. One of you will find someone to commit to, or you’ll just lose interest. But one thing is for sure — this casual relationship will eventually come to an end. It could be in a week, in a month, or even when you walk out that door.

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4. DID HE LIKE IT: Casual se x means you probably don’t communicate as much as you would if you were actually dating the guy. You probably don’t talk much about what you both like, because let’s be real, you’re both in it for yourselves.


5. DO I LEAVE: What’s the real etiquette around casual se x? Are you supposed to do the dirty and immediately say your goodbyes? It’s hard to tell if he’s just making small talk to be nice or if he actually wants to have a conversation. You don’t want to make it awkward and you definitely don’t want to stay if he wants you to leave.


6. SHOULD I STAY: But you also don’t want to leave if he wants you to stay. Is it rude to take off after se x? Will he be offended? Can someone just give you a sign?

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