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3 Important Things You Must Do Before Submitting Your Music To Blogs.

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Here are 3 important things you must do before submitting your music to blogs.

 1 Properly Tag your song

It’s improper to just send out your song the same way you get it from the studio , you should take your time to properly tag the file. 

You can easily do this by using mp3Tag which you can download online and lucky enough some  music players can do this for you both on desktop and mobile. 

Properly tagging your song is important,Details like your stage name, track Name, contact details, e.t.c.  are very important. Because you might never know how far the song would travel.

2 Write a good press release
Your bio is quite different from a press release,  if you are submitting a specific song to a blog, there must be a press release about the song Which will summarise who the singer is and what the song is all about. 

This give the audience a quick knowledge of what the song is all about This might want to make them quickly download, Stream or buy your song depending on what you want your audience to do. Let your press release talks about you and the song.

 3 A good cover art is important. 

Having a good cover art will go a long way to attract people to your music. Since music is an art.  The accompany cover art should tell in brief the concept of your song. 

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Covert art must not necessary be always colorful or with lot of details.Anyone looking at your cover art should be able to have an idea of what your song is all about. 

People might not be interested in your music if you have a bad cover art even if your song is good. So ensure to always have a good cover art. 

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